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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

list of universities without application fee ,no hard copies ,no acceptance letter no & no TOEFL/ IELTS under CSC scholarships.

list of universities without application fee ,no hard copies ,no acceptance letter no & no TOEFL/ IELTS  under CSC scholarships.

Chinese Government Scholarship- Chinese University Program 2022

The following post is about the list of universities without application fee under Chinese Government Scholarships.

  1.   Chongqing University ( No Application Processing Fee)
  2.   Donghua University Shanghai (Application Fee after Selection)
  3.    Jiangsu University
  4.   Capital Normal University
  5.    Dalian University  of Technology
  6.    Northwestern Polytechnical University
  7.     Nanjing University
  8.     Southeast University
  9.    Guizhou university
  10.   Guizhou Normal University
  11.    Guizhou Minzhou University  
  12.    Nanjing Agriculture University ( No application fee application processing )
  13.   Sichuan University
  14.   Sichuan Agriculture University
  15.   Southwest jiaotong University
  16.  Wuhan university of technology
  17.   Shandong university
  18.  Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
  19.  Tainjin university
  20.   Fujain University
  21.   Southwest university
  22.  Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications 
  23.   Wuhan University
  24.   Herbin Engineering University
  25.    Harbin University of Science and Technology
  26.  South China University of Technology ( Application Processing Fee)
  27.  ZeijangUnversuty    (No Application Processing Fee)
  28.   Zhejiang Science Technology  University
  29.  Yanshan University
  30.   Huazhong Agriculture University   (No Application Processing Fee)
  31.    Northwest Agriculture   (No Application Processing Fee)
  32.   Shandong University (No Application Processing Fee)
  33.   Renmin University of China.
  34.   Northeast Normal University.
  35.   Northwest Agriculture & Forestry  University.
  36.   Shaanxi Normal University.
  37.  Jiangnan University
  38. Yangzhou University
  39. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences-UCAS
  40. University of Science and Technology of China-USTC
  41. Lanzhou University

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