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Wednesday, September 21, 2022




The Region Grant Commission in the UK (CSC) gives the UK government's District grant plot drove by global improvement goals. Starting around 1960, the CSC has supported more than 30,000 people to concentrate on in the UK and gain abilities, get information and assemble organizations to handle worldwide advancement challenges.

The CSC gateway is open for applications up till October 18, 2022.


   To apply for these grants, you should meet HEC qualification notwithstanding CSC necessities referenced beneath:

  Be a Pakistani/AJ&K public and extremely durable occupant of Pakistan/AJ&K. Double nationals are not qualified.
For Expert grant, a candidate should hold a top of the line degree in significant postgraduate capability (16 years Single men/graduate degree) in the important field of concentrate by shutting date of HEC application entry.
For PhD grant, a candidate should hold a top notch degree in important postgraduate capability (17/18 years Experts/MS/MPhil degree) in the pertinent field of concentrate by shutting date of HEC application entrance.
Applicant should not have Second/Third division in the terminal/last degree. Result anticipating competitors are likewise not qualified to apply.
All candidates are expected to give Cap test score. Candidate probably got a base score of 60 out of 100 in Cap test. Those candidates who have taken Cap test on or after January 01, 2022 may transfer the test result on HEC entrance for thought.
 Without giving least Cap test score (60 out of 100), applications won't be considered for additional cycle. Those intrigued candidates who are yet to take Cap test, may enroll for something very similar by visiting And so on is tolerating applications for Cap test till October 11, 2022 .
CSC Qualification Measures notwithstanding HEC models:

To apply for these grants, you should:

Be for all time occupant in a qualified Republic country
Be accessible to begin your scholastic examinations in the UK by the beginning of the UK scholarly year in September 2023
The CSC wouldn't typically subsidize a subsequent UK Graduate degree. In the event that you are applying briefly UK Graduate degree, you should give defense regarding the reason why you wish to attempt this review
Not be able to stand to concentrate on in the UK without this grant
Give full records specifying all your advanced education capabilities including to-date records for any capabilities you are as of now contemplating (with affirmed interpretations while perhaps not in English) - transferred to the web-based application framework
Give references from no less than two people.
For Ph.D. applicants as it were:

NOT be enlisted for a Ph.D., or a MPhil prompting a Ph.D., at a UK college or in your nation of origin before September/October 2023
Give a supporting assertion from a proposed manager in the UK from no less than one of the organizations named on your application structure.


Candidates are expected to submit online applications at the District and HEC entryways. In the event that the candidate neglects to submit online application structures on The two sites referenced in Sync (1) and Step (2) beneath, HEC can't acknowledge their application.

Step-1 (District Online Application)

Up-and-comers should apply utilizing the CSC's web-based application framework referenced underneath. The CSC can't acknowledge any applications that are not submitted by means of the internet based application framework or after the end date recorded previously.

Step - 2 (HEC Online application)

       Apply online at HEC site: In the wake of enlisting and filling your profile, kindly select "Learning Potential open doors Abroad". After accommodation of the application, get its printed duplicate to be endorsed by candidate. HEC online application gateway will close on October 18, 2022 (04.00 PM Pakistan Time)

Prior to applying, benevolently update your HEC profile with most recent email/cell number and refreshed data. You are encouraged to finish and present your application straightaway, as the web-based application framework will be exceptionally bustling in the days paving the way to the application cutoff time

Significant Notes:

Application without submitting both District Application structure and online HEC structure won't be engaged regardless (submitted applications should likewise be finished in all viewpoints)

Save your HEC online application and Republic online application after fruitful accommodation to important entryways.

Printed copies of HEC application structure (alongside pertinent scholarly records viz. records, comparability for unfamiliar degree, mission statement, research plan/proposition, duplicates of CNIC, Residence) and submitted Republic grant structures (verification of least 02 references and arrangement letter) might be kept put something aside for candidate's own record.

 Try not to SEND Printed versions OF Utilizations TO HEC.


HEC underwrites equivalent open door; females are urged to apply. Assignment proportion will be 50:50 (Male: Female).
HEC online entry will close according to the cutoff time, from that point, no applicant might have the option to apply. Additionally, fragmented applications (not submitted/saved) won't be acknowledged.
Kindly note that HEC has just a help job in the designation cycle, as the last choice will be made by the giver country. Further, HEC will have no monetary obligation with respect to this grant.
In the event of submitting bogus data at any stage, HEC maintains all authority to drop and suspend candidates for every single future grant.
It is the sole liability of candidates to guarantee that they apply on both District and HEC entrance according to schedule of October 18, 2022.


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